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self-control for kids

Tips on Helping Develop Self-Control for Kids

Even if you’ve raised more than one child and consider yourself a veteran when it comes to child care, the best parents will struggle with how to discipline a toddler.  As you know for sure, toddlers have the tendency to

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3 Things You Can Do When Your Child Throws a Tantrum

What To Do When a Child Throws a Tantrum

Once in a while, your sweet, loving angel of a toddler would have what you call unplanned meltdowns or a temper tantrum. Change, frustration, or any big emotions can cause your normally sweet baby to turn into a screaming siren.

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Children's Nutrition for all Ages

Children’s Nutrition for All Ages

Children’s nutrition education is one of the most important things to remember when it comes to your baby’s development. Several studies have been conducted on the food and nutrition of children.  According to these studies, more than half of the

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Helping Your Kids Cope With the COVID-19 Crisis

7 Ways To Help Your Kids in Coping with Covid-19

It’s been almost two years since the COVID-19 virus has surfaced. Since then, it has spread worldwide, upending our lives and putting the global economy at risk. And we’re pretty sure this whole COVID-19 crisis has started wearing you down.

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15+ reasons why kids misbehave

15+ Reasons Why Kids Misbehave

Has your child been acting out a lot recently? In this article, we’ll talk about the possible reasons why they’re acting out that way and how you can keep yourself from losing your cool when they do.  Kids can be

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Superfoods That Develop Babies’ Brain

Best Foods for Baby Brain Development

When it comes to babies, there is a new exciting milestone to look forward to every day. The first time they smile or giggle, learn to roll onto their tummy, their first time crawling, or even the first time they

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